How Rain Affects Exterior Paint Jobs

If it is recommended that you wait to paint your house up to two days after power washing your siding, how is it that if it rains in the morning you could easily be painting your home the same afternoon?

Not Your Ancestor's Decorative Plaster

Traditional plasters have been buttressed in the last several decades by new plasters manufactured with acrylic modifiers, various resins and other materials that builds on the durability and usability of traditional plasters.

Decorative Plaster Then And Now

Decorative plaster is perhaps the oldest tool in the interior designers arsenal, dating back to Roman times with some evidence of its use even earlier.

Watch: How To Professionally Paint Interior Wall

Watch TruNorth President Eric Morud demonstrate to an audience how to professionally paint an interior wall.

Tips For Painting With Enamel

Enamel paint provides a hard finish with a high-gloss sheen that makes whatever it is applied to stand out in a room. That is what makes an enamel finish popular on all types of interior trim, cabinets and built-in shelves.
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