How To Find The Right Paint Contractor

Do your homework to fins the right paint contractor!

Using a professional painting contractor to paint the exterior or interior of your house saves you time and ensures the job is done correctly.

Finding the right Twin Cities paint contractor is an important decision that requires planning and careful consideration. Like any home improvement project, when hiring a contractor to paint either the exterior or inside of your house, it is recommended to get multiple estimates, preferably from at least three contractors.

The best way to find those paint contractors in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is referrals from family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances. You can also find paint contractors through local paint and hardware stores or by looking online.

Before seeking estimates, ensure you have a complete, detailed outline of the job. Be specific about the surfaces you want painted—walls, doors, and windows—along with the color and type of paint as well as the finishing.

When seeking estimates from a Twin Cities paint contractor there are some questions you should consider asking:Does the paint contractor have a place of business?Does the contractor offer a warranty on their work?How long have they been painting homes?

Also pay attention to the presentation of the contractor:Were they polite and business like?Are they busy?Do they promptly return phone calls and was a detailed, itemized estimate provided in a timely manner?

Once you have received the written estimates pay close attention to any terms outlined in them for payment, surface preparation and time for completion.

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