Should I paint my home before selling it? This is one of the top questions homeowners ask their Realtors when it is time to sell. Painting your home before selling

Do your homework to fins the right paint contractor! Using a professional painting contractor to paint the exterior or interior of your house saves you time and ensures the job is done

Why Choose TruNorth If you are considering staining your own deck there are good and bad ways to do the deck project. Eric Morud of TruNorth Painting oversees the staining

If you’ve researched paints either online or at a paint store you’ve no doubt come across paints that say they are a paint and primer in one, so-called “self-priming paints.”

It sounds like something any homeowner looking to paint their home would want to use: A lifetime warranty paint. Use a brand of paint with that warranty and you’ll never

TruNorth President Eric Morud has been  a professional painter for more than 13 years and is happy to share the knowledge he has gained with anyone who is interested. That

There are many ways to provide a room in your house with a unique look and feel. Different types of paint can be applied in a variety of ways to

That is what makes an enamel finish popular on all types of interior trim, cabinets and built-in shelves. The hard sheen also provides an excellent contrast to a flatter wall

In our last post we learned that plaster is among the oldest decorative materials that can be applied in multiple ways to provide a unique, one-of-a-kind texture and depth to

By Eric Morud If it is recommended that you wait to paint your house up to two days after power washing your siding, how is it that if it rains

Whether you are considering painting the interior or exterior of your home, you may well be considering doing the job yourself. There are pros and cons for DIY painting as