Value Of Lifetime Warranty Paints

It sounds like something any homeowner looking to paint their home would want to use: A lifetime warranty paint.

Question MarkUse a brand of paint with that warranty and you’ll never have to paint your home again, right?

Well, that’s not always the case.

There are typically a few caveats to such a warranty, and you may have already thought of some of them:

  • Check to see if the warranty is transferable. Typically it isn’t, meaning you cannot sell your home including a claim that it has a coat of paint that will last for the life of the house.
  • The warranties typically do not cover the inner-coat adhesion of the paint to your home’s surface. This means that the warranty doesn’t apply if the surface caused the paint to fail, not the paint itself failing. This fact comes into play if all the old paint isn’t removed before a new coat is applied, or if the underlying surface has imperfections such as an oil stain, smoke or water damage that would cause bleeding through the paint.
  • The lifetime paint warranty also typically covers only the cost of the paint. Labor (or your time) is typically the greatest cost to a paint project.

Understanding the limitations of a lifetime paint warranty provides insight into what makes a paint job last, and to what type of paint the warranty applies.

Typically paint manufacturers provide lifetime warranties on higher-quality paints meant to be applied with a thick coat. A thicker coat of paint will typically last longer, but also requires more care and attention to apply.

Applying a high-end paint typically takes longer to apply and requires 15% more paint, but can last 25% to 30% longer.

Also, to ensure the warranty applies removing the old coat of paint and any potential surface problems, such as oil, smoke or water damage. If those careful prep steps are taken all paints will last longer, not just lifetime-warranty paints.

If you are uncertain about what paint to use for your job call a professional to examine the work site and offer a recommendation. TruNorth is happy to offer that service. Simply call 952-831-1433 for an appointment.